Tate Live Performance Room
curated by Catherine Wood and Kathy Noble

LIVE Online, wherever you are
May 31, 8pm London time, and all local times

I am a helicopter, camera, queen is a new performance project by American artist Emily Roysdon created for the BMW Tate Live Performance Room series on 31 May.
Roysdon thinks of the helicopter, camera, and queen as representations of territory and seeing - regimes of viewing and ways of understanding space.
For this project Roysdon will be working with 100 volunteers who were willing to identify as queer and/or feminists. Taking the precise confines of the room itself as the score, and thinking about scale, resources and units of measure, the choreography will 'make room,' reconstituting and queering a previously defined space. The participants will attempt to be exactly in the space, to be audience and performer, to be in time and to create a stage within their collectivity. The room will be full and the participants will be guided by a room size score below their feet, that once the live action is complete will remain as a document of the event.

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